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Welcome to FitKickTrain at Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers, FL  where we instruct fitness kickboxing/self-defense training/firearms training along with mixed martial arts.

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Welcome to FitKickTrain

FitKickTrain provides fitness training, self-defense training, and firearms training for men and women of all ages.

FitKickTrain fitness training is comprised of kickboxing, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training.  Our self-defense classes are comprised of cobra which is combat objective battle-ready applications which is a variety of martial arts and military and law enforcement self-defense. 

FitKickTrain firearms training is comprised of both carry concealed weapon permit and special advanced training in self-defense with a firearm.

FitKickTrain Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes: Stretch-Body Weight Exercises-Kickboxing-Resistance Training

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Try out one of our packages: Pay for 4 classes get the 5th one for free or just get unlimited classes per month.

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Great cardio workout!

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Resistance training great for body tone.  

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Resistance training great for building muscle.  

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Bodyweight exercise great for strength and cardio.

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FitKickTrain Self-Defense Classes

Self-Defense Classes: 5/10 week certification class / Child Abduction Classes                           Click here to view all our classes. (click on self-defense classes)

Start your Self-Defense Class Today! Online Classes and Self Study are also available.

10 Week Self-Defense Academy 5 Week Self-Defense Academy 4 Hour Self-Defense (1-day survival camp)

Teach your children what they don't know!

Womens Self-Defense Classes

Adult Self-Defense Classes - Don't be an easy target!

Child Abduction Programs

FitKickTrain Firearms Classes

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BOOK your Firearms Training from beginners, CCW, and to advanced.

Shock Reality Firearms Self-Defense Class (4 hours)

16 Week Firearms Self-Defense Program

Be Smart, Secure, and Safe!

  Safe Practice with Special Training guns

Beginner and CCW Classes


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